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ICWRAE is an international scientific conference held every two years. It is organized by King Saud University (KSU); the Prince Sultan Institute for Environmental, Water and Desert Research; the Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz International Prize for Water (PSIPW); the Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud Foundation; and the Saudi Ministry of the Environment, Water, and Agriculture.

Participation in conference attendance is welcome from all interested parties around the world. All papers and recorded lectures from previous conferences are currently available on this website.

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About The Event
General Information (Hybrid Conference)

Conference Topics

Conference Topics

I. Water Resources
  1. Innovative methods for rain and runoff water modeling.
  2. Assessment and control of radioactive contamination in groundwater.
  3. Innovative methods for water production from non-traditional water resources.
  4. Remote sensing and GIS applications for water resources management.
  5. Water harvesting and groundwater recharge.
II. Water Conservation
  1. Water conservation in the agricultural, industrial, and municipal sectors.
  2. New technologies and methods for water conservation.
III. Arid Environments
  1. Pollution of desert environments.
  2. Climate change and its impact on the desert environment.
  3. Plant cover in arid environments.
  4. Conservation of biodiversity in arid environments.
  5. Desertification and how to combat it.
IV. Utilization of New Technologies in the Study of Arid Environments and their Natural Resources
  1. Remote sensing (systems and techniques).
  2. Geographical information systems (GIS) and Global positioning systems (GPS).
  3. Biotechnology.
  4. Modern measuring systems and devices.
  5. Utilization of sustainable energy in water resource development.

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